A day after Christmas

It’s time of the year again to reflect and revisit the past 300+ days. Year end review serves as a check point.

What have I done

Where have I been

Who have I met

Why do I live

How did I survive

When did I feel alive

Let me just try to enumerate “observations”, “facts”, “realizations”, and “lessons” I had for 2016/

  • I gained weight. Gad, I miss the 2015 body.
  • I quit Haier due to unbelievable management! One of the best decisions in my life. Future me, if ever you read this, remember that you fought for the morals that you believed in and quitting the organization was your escape.
  • Joined an organization, Floship. And I’m happy with the PH team. Yeah, Markus was an awesome guy. He was the one who interviewed you and he believed in you. Operations management is the most awesome management you had so far. But when Markus left, there’s lot of changes you need to endure. Hold on, it’ll be over soon.
  • You tried to get back to the mountains/trail
    • Asog
    • Gulugod Baboy
    • Makiling
    • Apo
    • Romelo
    • Batulao
    • Lucban explo
    • Ugo
    • Mabilog
    • Buscalan
    • Sapari/Binutasan
  • But you spent most of your time in the beach
    • Maniwaya
    • Bohol
    • Cebu
    • Anilao
    • Dumaguete
    • Siquijor
    • Basilan
    • Zambales
    • La Union
    • Zamboanga
  • Asian countries
    • Hong Kong (twice)
    • Vietnam
  • And tried new things
    • frisbee
    • bushcraft
    • biking?
    • party at Valk
    • tattoo
    • became a part of credits for a MOVIE!!!!
    • Prenup photoshoot
  • Through theses journeys, you met new friends and kept the old ones.
  • You fell in love so mad, and it broke you, too. But it was worth it.
  • Thanks to your constants and lessons from 2015, you managed to get back up and you handled the break up well, more mature than the last time.
  • You visioned yourself living in an island and you somehow got a new thing to look forward to. Go and save up for Siargao island dream. Get your insurance fix and live in the island.
  • All these things in 2016, wow. I lived. But still, there’s this void I need to fill in. And hope by 2017, I’ll become bigger than that void until I don’t notice it anymore. Cheers!

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