Sana dati

I want to give you this movie and a framed photo of you from a musuem. But I don’t know how you’ll feel. Will you be mad? I know I should be distant. Will you be sad? Sad for me because I just can’t get over you. Will you be happy? Since I still remember you.

I just want to have an “okay” relationship with you. Well, that’s what my hypothalamus wants to believe. But my heart knows I want YOU. And it sucks that the universe is not on my side.

All I know is that I want to see and talk to you. I can’t remember anyday I was not able to associate an event or thing with you. Never I have skipped a day without wishing to bump into you. Or asked myself if I should pay you a visit. Or even question was it all a lie.

You are like popping on my head without any warning.


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