the agreement

First and foremost, this not a job. You are only required to give your tightest & warmest xoxo to your boss in or out of season.

Here, you have a freedom to express and there should be no secrets.

You are not asked to take care of your boss. You must let her take care of you. But most importantly, take care of yourself. Smoking is not allowed in and out of the vicinity.

Regarding your leavesss, you are allowed to take it anytime you want. Just make sure that you will keep in touch and be back safe & sound. Always remember the “art” when you’re away.

Lastly and unfortunately, you won’t be monetarily paid here. All I can offer is a life together until 87/90. It won’t be about happiness and forever. There will be challenges. But you will never be alone

If I am to take the offer, may I request for the following?
– Boss must buy an umbrella (Fibrella) ASAP
– Boss shall follow her strict diet. Boss shall not take coffee, soda, energy drinks, and the likes. The applicant is also willing to have a healthier lifestyle for the 87-90 project.
– Boss shall keep no secrets as well but applicant will totally understand if there are things boss will need sometime to share things to the applicant
– Boss should put her family first. Shall the boss decides to terminate the contract, applicant shall not ask any question and will accept the boss’ decision wholeheartedly.
– Applicant will always be available 24/7 for the boss with or without contract.
– There must be team bldg activities for the boss and the applicant. This includes activities from the “Better half next time” lists, ie mind museum date, trip to Albay, and star gazing.

Upon accepting the offer, your boss don’t have the right to keep you if ever you will want to resign. Your only commitment is to do the JD as long as you want.


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