Salt and ice cream

Only in the Philippines

I was scheduled to clear my NBI on the heart’s day feb 14. A good excuse to be busy on the day itself for a single, independent, and jobless individual.

I bought a book with me since I was expecting for a looonnnngggg queue. I woke up by 6 am, an hour late to my original plan. I’m dead sleep due to the cold weather, literally.

At Calamba terminal, while waiting for the jeepeney to be full, I noticed one good Filipino trait that everyone can observe. Despite the plunder and corruption issues on the news, (and by the way, I admire Tuason for stepping out and revealing the bomb on the pdaf issue) honesty is still inate to us, FILIPINOS. We give the exact amount to the driver abd even though our change is handed over by different people, we still receive the exact change. Maybe, this is just a simple gesture but I can still see a big potential that our country can still regain that integrity that we had decades ago. Integrity leads to a path of good governance and hopefully, development and progress. I am getting tired of hearing nonsense headlines over the news, perhaps, we can focus on be inspired of the traits that we have overlooked over the years.

I could not think of a title, hence I captured what is in front of me. Salt and ice cream…. To be continued or not…



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