Byaheng apat na oras
Drayber kumakaripas
Makakauwi din sa wakas
Lalarga na naman ang pantas

Bitbit ay isang aklat
Para sa utak na salat
Bawat pahina’y ninamnam
Bawat linya’y dinamdam

Sakto sa pagbaba
Biglang napatingala
Bituin nakitawa
Eto na ang babala


I have written this piece after reading John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars, the second book I have read from this author (first one is Looking for Alaska). Well, I think he is a fan of death. I mean how people perceive death and how we deal with it. Death as the only and absolute truth in life. We maybe concerned how we will leave a mark on earth. Personally, I am paranoid how I will be remembered. The idea of who I want to be is not yet realized. I’m still a work-in-progress.


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