Questions and offers

I’m 24 and unemployed. I must put an end to this quarter life crisis. Now, I really know what industry and field that I want. But damn, its hard to convince employers that I fit in the job or I can adopt to any kind of work.

Career shift. I must face the consequences. I want to be back at the OR field. Numbers, optimization, and decision-making. I have the background, but I don’t have the experience.

And then, there’s this offer from my first company. They are asking what is it that they can offer for me to come back. Well, I thought they were asking for how much. But I guess, they really want to build the business with me.

I’m still thinking about it. Though my former colleague told me not to accept the offer. I am tempted to accept the offer, though I don’t know what I can give them in return. I’m not even sure why they wanted me back. What will be my role? Why did I quit in the first place? How will I reject or accept the offer without sounding arrogant? What can they lay on the table that I may not resist? Gahhh!!!

Then, there’s another side of me where I want to me the jack of all trades. From sales to tech consultant, I think i wanna pursue or experience other industries like banking or any academe related industry.

I attend to other interviews and exam invites because they offer me sales position, which I don’t consider anymore.

Its a little bit frustrating because I planned to work early this month, but I believe God delays my planned schedule because he has a greater plan for me, to be the best bum of all time. Hahaha! Just kidding. He knows that I am praying for a career I will live for and enjoy for the rest of my life. I place my trust in his plans. While waiting for it, I guess I have to enjoy my free time before I return to the tax paying world.


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