[C]ollection of memories

I’ve been reading articles ’bout reasons why someone should date a traveler or not. Honestly, it seemed like someone described my lifestyle and way of thinking. She also agrees that we rather spend our time on the street rather than going to a movie house. Or buy travel tickets instead of signature clothes and bags. True enough, I deviate how the regular girls see the world. Yes, I do  also dream wish for that one person out of 6 billion people of the world. I guess, as traveler, dating is not my priority anymore. It would be tough compete how I fell in love with nature, with the calming sounds from wave to the serene mountain views.

Perhaps I am not interested in dating anymore. I am a woman who likes to flirt and longs for that attraction from someone but does not believe in fairy tales and happy endings. I am not bitter, but I sound so defensive. (Gah! This song http://soundcloud.com/rocky-deleste/curly-x-curly-waterfall-an)
I am ironic and partially bipolar. What I am trying to say is, I may not be the perfect person you might wanna date or spend the rest of your life with. I can be too selfish, unorganized, too impulsive, unresponsive, and I can get lost most of the time. But hell I can give you one massive rollercoaster experience if you tag along for a day. I promise you, its a trip you’ll remember.

To put a conclusion on this, what I am looking for is not a date, but a lifetime companionship.

If someone can share the same perspective as mine, then I guess dating is really not important because he will see that anytime spent becomes momentous as long he accepts me whole heartedly and he too enjoys lying on the grass, dipping our feet in the rivers, dancing in the rain, drowning in the waves, staring at the moon, chilling on the rooftop, chasing sunsets, and waiting for the sunrise. He would not mind that my feet is burried in mud. He would understand that a true mountaineer can stand not taking a bath for 3 days (Sounds digusting hahaha! True story). He knows that our journey together is an additional item in our collection. Collection of memories. Memory that does not need to be captured in photographs or videos, it is a memory where we want to stay in it. A memory that we can play back in our mind everytime we want to without losing how we felt in each journey.


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