Excuse, reason, or norm

One afternoon over a pot of tea an organic dish at Herb Republic, Los Baños, Laguna, I had this interesing conversation with a good friend of mine regarding LIFE in general.

We are on our quarter life stage. We’ve been discussing ’bout career, relationships, goals for the past few meet ups, the usual topics for our age, I guess.

Random exchanges of life experiences came across and there are 3 abstract ideas or observation about relationship that still runs in my head, the NORM, REASON, and EXCUSE. Let me try to elaborate and define each according to a woman’s book

The norm:

A woman waits for the right guy. Guy proposes and eventually they will tie the knot have kids and build a family.

The reason (why people marry):
To have someone beside her, to have kids, and the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

The excuse (why people choose to be single)
Less complication, independence, marriage is just for formality or a paper-based relationship.

Well, perhaps some will say the EXCUSE should be an OPTION instead.
Woman may opt to stay single for the rest of her life but still feel the unconditional love the opposite sex may offer through her friends and family. Lame as it may sound but these people really do exist and I have met few of them.

Some couples though decide to have their relationship “as it is”, no weddings, no traditional engagement parties and formal announcement of their relationship. Living under one roof is enough for them. Why? Because its more practical, less complicated.

Some do find this love with the same sex, another option or excuse, you may add. They do find this kind of relationship less complicated. Eve says she finds more compalibility with another Eve. She understands her own kind. From the experiences of couples and married couples, sometimes they end up separated due to misunderstandings. I may not give an exact statistic but I believe there is a large figure of these, nowadays.

[From right to left: the reason, the norm, the excuse]

I have no definite conclusion on this matter, yet.Before, I had a conservative stand on this, the reason. However, as these eye-opener ideas were introduced to me, I am somehow attracted to the excuse.
Perhaps the challenge is how can I convince myself to stick to the reason. I may not have the answers right now, but faith is all I have and the only thing I can have grasp of.


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