[C]louds – defying gravity [9.08 m/s^2]

dark and twisted

defying gravity


From wiki, gravity is a natural phenomenon by which all physical bodies attract each other. Often the reason why things fall, why we fall. A natural force intellectual people have been trying to defy even in the earlier centuries. I bet these scientists and mathematicians dreamt of flying leading to theories and studies on what make things fall. Who doesn’t find it fantastic to touch the sheep-like clouds above the sky? We all have that PETER PAN fantasies in our head. Riding an airplane maybe one of the closest experience to that. One of the greatest invention for all times, thanks to the Wright brothers [nerd!]. We can deal on the facts on why man was able to defy gravity.  YES! We were able to win over natural force with our science and math skills!

But how come we can’t seem to defeat this other natural force related to falling…

[Out of the blue idea]Yes, I’m a fan of Sara Bareille’s song Gravity aond YES, I’m struggling on how to connect the song gravity and clouds! [Ooops! I found a great cover of Gravity in Soundcloud.com hahhahhaha!

Another abstract idea people are passionate to dig into. When it comes to this topic, suddenly everyone becomes an “expert”. 

And I am no master of this subject. I still think it is a POWERFUL force we do not have control of.

Perhaps we need something uncontrollable in our lives, such as gravity, to learn and experience things. The more challenging the problems we have, the more we learn to God to take control of our lives. 

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